Founded in 2014, Salad Days is a delivery-only company serving simple and real healthy food in Delhi NCR.
We believe that the choices we make about what we eat have the most direct and mighty impact on the health of individuals and society.

The idea was conceptualized because there was a clear dearth of genuine healthy food providers back then in 2014.
The primary reason for this dearth was that salads are considered as mere sides to the mainstream Indian diet, and not as eligible options for hearty meals in itself.
While we embraced this cultural challenge as an opportunity, Salad Days was born to address the big white space of serving real healthy,
filling and tasty food in a quick format and at a reasonable price.

Through Salad Days, we are foolishly focused on creating a positive change in our collective health quotient and environment.
And we are quite religiously working for a healthier, happier and a more able tomorrow.
It is for this reason that“Salad Days” was pegged as the name of the brand.

Salad Days (pl. n.) is an idiomatic expression coined by William Shakespeare in 1606 in his play “Antony and Cleopatra”.
A more modern use, refers to a heyday, a period when somebody was at the peak of their abilities – not necessarily in that person’s youth.

Our mission is to make you choose healthy-eating and be your top-of-mind recall brand for the same.
We aspire to be the most convenient provider of the best healthy food.

We are not guided by numbers, but by a very simple and robust set of core values, which the entire team adheres to, effortlessly.
We have a determined focus on honesty and correct ways of working. Our belief is in doing less, but doing it really well.

“We make no compromises, whatsoever!”. That’s our motto at work and it percolates through everything that Salad Days does.
If it’s in our capacity to do any better, we will.
Whether it’s our product, services or any touch point, we are unhappy if we do not traverse that extra mile; the one that makes all the difference.